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We take pride in crafting the exact furniture piece you seek by working collaboratively with you from inception to installation.

Our process starts with drafting your vision onto paper and preparing a plan. Once the final design is agreed upon, we hand select each raw material for quality and consistency.

At the shop, our talented and experienced craftsman start early in the day with a cup of coffee nearby. They take the time each piece requires to honor the vision and design, putting in the focus and skill required. 

We view the creation process as an ongoing partnership, and you are welcome in our shop anytime.

When the final piece is complete, we sign our name to it because we take pride in the quality of our work. The piece is then delivered to you where we hope it will be long used and cherished.




Marty Harrison

Marty Harrison has a family history in art, architecture, design and antiques. With the passing of his father and paternal grandparents, Marty inherited numerous pieces of early American furniture and decorative arts which contributed to his passion for furniture and fine woodworking.

The E.C. Hall Company name and logo originates from Marty's great grandfather's wholesale grocery business in Boston - an homage to family, heritage, and quality production.

Marty co-founded the E.C. Hall Company in 2014 to focus on custom-designed furniture and cabinetry and to provide discerning clients a high-end and entirely customizable option not otherwise available on the market.



Chuck Bufmack

Co-founder and Lead Carpenter, Chuck has 25 years of experience in carpentry and furniture design. He partners with Denver’s best designers and architects to produce the highest quality results for clients.


This includes milling specialty wood pieces, high-end trim work, cabinetry for kitchens, living rooms, and designing and building furniture. He especially enjoys the uniqueness of each new project and the artistry required to bring every project to fruition. 

Chuck loves woodworking so much he even names it as a hobby; he also plays the bass in a local band. Chuck is a 4th generation Colorado native.


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